Collaborate for Good Conference January 26th, 2013 – Save the Date!

Posted on November 15, 2012


Thinkers & Makers is thrilled to announce the first Collaborate for Good Conference, scheduled for January 26th, 2013.
Register here:

Collaborate for Good started in Minneapolis as a way to bring together two of our biggest industries, advertising and philanthropy, in a new way. Non-profits are often the ones who need branding and marketing help the most, and can’t afford to pay for it.
Advertising and marketing professionals are often great people who would love to use their skills to help causes and organizations they support, but those places can’t afford to hire them. So we devised a way to bring together these two groups of smart thinkers by creating a community dedicated to gathering for Good.
We began with our first series, called Strategy for Good, which involved half-day workshops dedicated to brand planning, social media and marketing strategy.
We are so excited for this next opportunity- the Collaborate for Good Conference.
While we are still working away at many of the details for the C4GC, we are happy to announce the date and (tentative) basic structure of the conference, and to open registration.

Collaborate for Good Conference
January 26th, 2013
Location: TBD
9:30am – 4pm

Schedule for the day:
9:30am – Registration, coffee and networking
10am – Two keynote speakers, 25minutes each
11am – Break-out session: Brainstorms for selected organizations
12 noon – Lunch
1pm – Skill building speaker & work session
2pm – Skill building speaker & work session
3pm – Guided refinement and recommendations
3:30pm – Collaborative Idea Sharing
5pm – Happy Hour for Good!

Registration is free (!), however, if you would like to help us cover the costs associated with hosting this event, we are sharing a suggested donation amount of $25 per organization and $10 per brainstormer.
Registration is open for the following participants:
1) Featured Organizations for Brainstorming and Ideation Sessions
Once you register, we will send you an application to be considered for selection as one of the featured organizations this year. Once selected, we will help you prepare for the conference by designing areas for brainstorming and ideation around the challenges you face. At the conference, our teams of brainstormers will attack and ideate around your challenges, and give you support when you walk away with great new ideas to implement.
*If your organization is not selected to be featured in this conference, you are still invited and encouraged to come along and collaborate with us!

2) Brainstormers
Network. Be inspired by our keynote speakers. Participate on a team of innovative thinkers for one of our participating organizations. Bring your ideas and energy to do a little Good!

3) Strategy Team Captain
Volunteer to lead a team of brainstormers for a specific organization in each of the break-out sessions. Help with a little bit of set-up and take-down.

4) Volunteer for Good
Help out with a little bit of set-up and take down.

5) Press Pass Participant
Help us to get the word out about Collaborate for Good. Maybe you’re a writer or a photographer? A journalist? A blogger? We would love to invite you to observe and participate and collaborate with us. Come and see all of the Good being done in our community and then share those stories!

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