S4G6 – Recap!

Posted on May 8, 2012


Thanks again to all of our Good Strategy participants! The 6th Strategy for Good workshop had a total of NINE amazing organizations, with over 30 strategists working alongside them, doing some Good for their businesses and causes. 

Some of the highlights from the groups:

1- We learned what kinds of  supporters and members we want to reach out to and inspire. We talked about value propositions and the competitive space, and how we need to build a tribe of people that resonates with our brand.”

2- “We’re a non-profit without a lot of branding and we found our team to act as a great soundboard. We gained tips on how to build consistency, and how to look for small wins and share small successes. It gave me hope.”

3-  “We learned about new audiences and people we can reach out to about an event on a limited budget. We talked about ways to engage people into the future and additional events. I’m real excited to try some of these ideas!”

“We talked about the depth of a relationship you can have with social media and how to use that to reach people, by not just taking a superficial approach, but how to work them through the engagement ladder.”

4- “I had an overwhelming amount of ideas and energy coming from this group. We decided to change the way the mission of the organization is presented on the website, it’s too many words. I need targeted dialogue about how I can build the fundraising capacity of the organization through kickstarter, or by using creative ideas of how to tap into the food truck movement in Minneapolis and St Paul. I came out of the morning with concrete things I need to do on the website to have it look better and show the impact we are making.”

5- “The group helped me to really break down my vision into making steps up to a bigger goal.  It especially helped me make sense of things in terms of fundraising and the messages I should be using for different audiences.”

We are already busy planning S4G7 for summer 2012- we welcome any of your ideas for how to make our workshops stronger!

Emilie and Paul
Co-Founders, Strategy for Good

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