Calling All Creative Thinkers!

Posted on June 25, 2011


We’ve got the next Strategy for Good on the books. And we have a ton of interest from non-profits and other socially responsible organizations who want to participate… there’s even a waiting list!

What we need now is YOU. Are you a creative thinker? Do you work for an agency? In ANY capacity? Media, account, planning, creative… whatever it is that you problem solve, we need your solving! Strategists come from all walks of life. Business owners, entrepreneurs, accountants, designers, growth officers, social media ninjas… whatever your job title, if you think strategically and creatively, come join us to help some great organizations in Minneapolis.

Use your powers for good, not evil. Make a difference.

Check out this testimonial from a recent participant, Pillsbury United Communities:

“The pre-workshop questions/homework were extremely helpful in that all too often I get caught up in the nittty gritty aspects of my job and your questionnaire forced me or inspired me rather to take a step back and view my organization through a strategic lens. The session was amazing. It felt like a cathartic therapy session in that for three hours I worked with a team to really drill down into how the strategic direction of my organization, which has happened rather organically, is impacting our brand. What I also realized is that we are one the right track… The Strategy for Good Workshop was a great use of my time and was a value-added investment for my organization. My Strategy for Good Workshop team put together an implementable plan and gave me invaluable advice in three hours that has taken me a year to work through myself.”

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