Strategy for Good – FAQ!

Posted on May 31, 2011


Heya- we over here at Thinkers & Makers have been enjoying a FANTASTIC response to our call for participants in the Strategy for Good Workshops (#S4GMPLS).

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We’ve also had people asking a lot of questions- so here’s some answers to the most common of them (care of @paulisakson).

Is there a cost? If not, where does the funding come from?

There is no cost. We get a space to host the event donated or use a public space where there is no charge. All of the strategists donate their time. We supply the materials. Others have been kind and brought coffee and snacks.

Will the workshop be held in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area?

The workshops are often held at CoCo: We publish/email the location before the workshop.

Is there a follow-up session?

Follow-up sessions are not conducted by our group. The purpose of this workshop is to help generate ideas and strategies for the non-profits who participate. If an organization wants to have a follow-up session with people, they are welcome to ask people to continue helping and then coordinate communications with those people on their own.

Are we paired with strategists in the Twin Cities who become consultants to our org?

We don’t force pairings between strategists and organizations but if people connect and want to continue helping out, they are more than welcome to.

What is covered in the two hour session?

Our sessions start out with an intro/welcome and some kind of warm-up exercise to get everyone’s brains moving. Then we break out into groups for 30 minutes or so where one non-profit/Good organization shares their situation with a group of strategists and then the group brainstorms ways to address the issues discussed. Oh, and last time we worked for almost 4 hours- as long as people wanted to keep strategizing, they did it!

What kind of help are you looking for now?

We’d love for non-profits to commit to being there from 10am-12pm. We also need strategists- some of whom we would love to commit to being “captains” for each of the organizations who register- whether or not they are already involved with an organization.  Interested in any of these roles? Register on EventBrite:

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